Don't know a COC from a MRC, thought a NOVA was a small Vauxhall hatchback and IVA some form of artificial insemination, to tackle UK vehicle registration you'll need to either start studying or why not let me help.

Peter Anderson

UK Registering an Imported New, Used or Classic Vehicle

If you love form filling and bureaucracy, trust me when I say the UK registration system will be a dream come true for you. For everyone else it can prove a daunting, confusing and extremely frustrating undertaking. The easiest answer is to instruct me to act on your behalf, completing the HMRC & DVLA paperwork and applying for all the necessary documentation.

I'm offering a simple solution to provide you with a professional, efficient and cost-effective registration service, for any type of imported vehicle or a UK classic car "Barn Find". I'll review your situation free of charge and give a quotation on cost and an estimate on how long the process will take. If you're happy and wish to continue, you pay nothing until we have HMRC clearance and the application is fully completed and ready to be forwarded onto DVLA. Naturally you'll want a rough idea of cost and that's not easy to answer until I know the full details, however my average total fee is around £250 to £300, which of course doesn't include DVLA charges or the cost of any documents or certificates that may be required.

I have been in the motor trade for close to 40 years, importing and exporting vehicles since 1985. Although I now think of myself as semi-retired I have a number of regular trade clients, and over recent years more and more private customers through "word of mouth" or previous client referrals have sought my assistance. Their encouragement has convinced me that I should offer my knowledge and experience, through this service.

Although I'm happy to talk through the basics, this is small business offering a personal one to one service, so I cannot provide lengthy in depth phone advice. The easiest way to initially proceed is to scan and email copies of all available paperwork or send photocopies (not original documents) by post with your contact details. I can then give them a thorough read-through and get back to you with any further questions I have.


Are you Importing a car and want to know "How do I register an imported car" or have a general "Imported car registration" query.

If your questions is "What is HMRC NOVA" and "How do I NOVA notification of vehicle arrival my car"

Possibly your enquiry relates to certification do "I need a COC Certificate of Conformity" or a "Mutual Recognition Certificate" Or want to ask the difference between "Importing a car from America", "Importing a car from Europe" or "Importing a car from outside Europe"

One of the first separation will be are you "Registering a car over 10 years old" or "Registering a car under 10 years old" and have you been told you need to "Changing a Kilometre KPH speedometer to Miles MPH"

If it's a Classic Car issue, have you found a "classic car with no paperwork" need to "find the history of a classic car" to enable registration or trying to "Reclaiming an old registration number"

I can provide you with help and advice, acquire any document you need, and complete all the relevant paperwork.

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