Don't know a COC from a MRC, thought a NOVA was a small Vauxhall hatchback and IVA some form of artificial insemination, to tackle UK vehicle registration you'll need to either start studying or why not let me help.

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UK Vehicle Registration Terminology, Acronyms & Abbreviations Used


BTI: Binding Tariff Information

To obtain a pre-agreed import tariff with HMRC

COC: European Certificate of Conformity.

Also know as Type Approval this is the manufactures testing certificate to allow registration in the EU.

C&E/Duty: Custom & Excise Duty.

Tax on vehicle imported from outside EU.

C&E 109 Import And Export: Private Motor Vehicle Application.

Application for release from conditions of relief.

C&E 386: HMRC Customs Clearance Document.

Now discontinued, may be relevant on old import if vehicle has been in storage.

C384: Import and Export: Private Motor Vehicle Form.

Application for release on payment of Customs Duty, and VAT.

Date/Let: Dating Letter

Makers letter confirming date vehicle manufactured.

DVLA: Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency.

UK vehicle registration & licensing authority.

DVSA: Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

Authority administrating MOT and IVA.

ENO: Import Entry Number.

HMRC number confirms import is in processing system.

EORI: Economic Operator Registration & Identification

Replaced Pseudo Turn enables you to deal with HMRC (e.g. for a BTI)

EU: European Union

Countries who are trading partners of UK

Facia: Speedometer Dial Overlay.

Most non-digital speedometers have a dial display if reading KPH only require replacement facia.

Heri/Cert: Heritage Certificate.

Document often required to establish/verify vehicles history.

Historic: Tax Class Historic Vehicle.

Vehicle first registered and/or manufactured pre 01/01/1975.

HMRC: Her Majesties Revenue & Customs.

UK Customs Authority.

Hom/Dept: Homologation Department.

Manufactures division dealing with COC, State/Comp & Date/Let.

ID: Keepers Identification and Confirmation of Address.

A copy of photo driving licence of other listed documents.

Ins/Cert: Insurance Certificate or Insurance Cover Note.

Document showing insurance cover on vehicle.

KPH: Kilometres Per Hour.

Referred to on a COC as Metric.

MOT: Ministry of Transport Test.

DVSA test required on vehicles registered for 3 years, Pre 1960 vehicles exempt .

MPH: Miles Per Hour.

Referred to on a COC as Imperial.

MRC: Mutual Recognition Certificate.

Document confirms vehicle now to full UK specification.

NCH: National Clearance Hub.

HMRC customs clearance team.

NOVA: Notification of Vehicle Arrival.

All imported vehicle must be on this HMRC system.

Reg/Fee: First Registration Fee.

DVLA fee currently £55.

Reg: Registration Number.

Vehicle registration number, UK format of month & year of first registration.

RGR: Returned Goods Relief

Grant of total or partial Relief from Import Duty

SAD C88: Single Administrative Document.

Document detailing goods and there movement.

SORN: Statutory Off Road Notification.

To notify DVLA vehicle off-road & untaxed.

Speedo: Speedometer.

Instrument showing vehicles speed which must show imperial units (MPH) in the UK.

State/Comp: Statement of Compliance.

Confirmation of specification & date manufactured required for IVA if RHD non European import.

V149: Rates of Vehicle Tax.

UK road taxation rates relative to age, engine size & CO2 emissions.

V267: Declaration of Newness.

Form stating vehicle imported is new and has never been registered.

V55/5: Application for First Vehicle Tax and Registration of Used Motor Vehicle.

V55/4: Application for First Vehicle Tax and Registration of New Motor Vehicle.

V627/1: Built Up Vehicle Inspection Report.

For Kit Cars or rebuilt or substantially changed vehicles.

V765: Application to Register a Vehicle Under its Original Registration Number.

Required if you have evidence of previous UK registration.

V765/1: List of Vehicle Owners Clubs.

These are DVLA approved organization that can issue Heritage Certificates.

V888: Request by an Individual for Information about a Vehicle.

DVLA held vehicle history.

V890: SORN Application Form.

Notification vehicle is off-road & untaxed.

V959: Notification of Name & Address Check.

Trade plate holders verification of having checked keepers details.

VAT: Value Added Tax.

Tax calculated on vehicles value.

VCA: Vehicle Certification Agency.

Agency that issues MRC this verifies vehicle now to full UK specification.

VIN: Vehicle Identification Number.

Unique vehicle number often referred to as Chassis Number.

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